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The 2021 SDI Digital Democracy Awards

While preparing the 2021 SDI Digital Democracy Report, we came across countless examples of e-democracy platforms inspiring communities, driving innovation, championing diversity & inclusion and impacting nations.

The 2021 SDI Digital Democracy Awards seek to recognise these achievements by awarding category winners across Inspiration, Innovation, Inclusion & Impact. Lastly, we also wanted to highlight those who took part in our report for the first time in our Newcomer Award.

So get inspired and join us in celebrating the 2021 Winners and be sure to click on the vendor names to find out more about these outstanding organisations!


Category: Inspiration


For its innovative decision-making platform aula, which lets school-age children experiment with digital, direct democracy and make decisions for the day-to-day running of their schools.

The aula team with their award

Honorable Mention: Delib

For pioneering digital technology in public sector consultations for over 17 years, inspiring many of the technologies and processes local councils take for granted today.


Category: Innovation


Winner: Polys

For the successful implementation and mass utilization of a Blockchain-based voting system that addresses many of the current challenges of creating a secure online democracy.

The Polys team receiving their award

Honorable Mention: Ethelo

For Ethelo’s ability to allow users to weight their votes in a multi-decision exercise, allocating the biggest impact to questions the user is most passionate about.


Category: Inclusion


Winner: Delib

For not just implementing the WCAG 2.1 standard for accessibility of its software, but for pro-actively training customers and users, via webinars and online videos, on accessible design to create a truly inclusive platform.

Members of the Delib team with their award

Honorable Mention: CitizenLab

For their commitment to accessibility, through both certification (WCAG 2.1 AA) as well as an independent audit by Belgian organization AnySurfer which validated CitizenLab’s platform against accessibility standards.


Category: Impact


Winner: Rousseau

For demonstrating that a direct democracy system need not be limited to local decisions by operating a platform which has been used for local, regional, national and trans-national (EU-level) democracy with hundreds of thousands of active users, impacting major political decisions including two national coalition agreements, candidate selection for over 2,000 elected offices, and the drafting of national laws.

The Rousseau team with their award

Honorable Mention: Slido

For helping the vTaiwan initiative during the Covid-19 crisis understand and react to the public’s priorities in combatting the pandemic.


Category: Newcomer


Winner: ManaBalss

For creating a mass-participation petition platform which has been used by over 10% of the Latvian population, with 36 petitions resulting in changes to the law.

The ManaBalss team with their award

Honorable Mention: Civil Space

For their commitment to inclusive participation, both offline and online, through comprehensive certification in multiple countries, as well as Civil Space’s ‘Skip Logic’ design principle which seeks to create intuitive participation pathways for all users.


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