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The Solonian Democracy Institute was founded in 2017 to research and to further understanding of alternative democratic practices. In particular, the Institute looks at ways to deepen participation beyond elections and to substantially increase the number of people meaningfully involved in political decision-making. About us →

Our Priorities


Promoting Alternative Democratic Practices


Deepening Participation Beyond Elections


Laying the Foundations for Digital Direct Democracy

Image by Dmitry Osipenko



Direct Democracy in Australian Power Cooperative and Trade Union

Jul 15 · 20 min

Mihajlo Jakovljev speaks with Godfrey Moase, chair and co-founder of CoPower, a non-profit energy cooperative, an...

Image by Timon Studler



The Importance of Verified Civic Engagement
May 20 · 15 min

Roslyn Fuller speaks with Colleen Hardwick, the Founder and CEO of PlaceSpeak, about her company, her...




Panel: People

Power &
Digital Democracy

May 7 · 1 min

In early March 2023, people from all over the world gathered at the Global Forum for Modern Direct Democracy...

Image by Someus Christopher



Negative Voting &
The Future of Taiwan

Dec 6 · 16 min

Roslyn Fuller speaks with Sam Chang, the President of the Negative Vote Association, about the idea behind...

We monitor and research innovations in modern democracy.

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Digital Democracy | Solonian Democracy Institute

Digital Democracy is often misunderstood as simply "voting online", when it can be used for so much more.


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Participatory Budgeting | Solonian Democracy Institute

With PB, a part of a community's or even country's budget is ring-fenced to allow citizens direct control...


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Citizens' Assemblies | Solonian Democracy Institute

Citizens' Assemblies are on the rise - more and more countries are experimenting with these assemblies.

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Economic Equality | Solonian Democracy Institute

Economic equality and democracy are tightly intertwined and enable one another.


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Civics & Citizenship | Solonian Democracy Institute

Democracy is a process for making decisions. For everyone to participate effectively.


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Task Automation | Solonian Democracy Institute

To drive maximum citizen engagement, democracy has to tackle the big questions...


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Latest Publication!

Digital Democracy Report 2024

This report, now in its fourth edition, tracks the development of digital democracy technologies and seeks to provide an overview of the various fields of application (e.g. voting, participatory budgeting, public consultation, etc.). The goal is to provide a repository for policy makers, NGOs and academics, as well as for the democracy software industry itself. This year, we have evaluated 21 eDemocracy tools from 17 countries. 

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