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About the Institute

The Solonian Democracy Institute was founded in 2017 to research and to further understanding of alternative democratic practices. In particular, the Institute looks at ways to deepen participation beyond elections and to substantially increase the number of people meaningfully involved in political decision-making. The Solonian Democracy Institute also investigates inter-disciplinary issues that have a bearing on democracy, such as economic equality.

The Institute takes its name from Solon, the statesman who ushered in reforms that created the foundations for the development of democracy in ancient Athens. Solon is also credited with uttering many wise sayings, among them our slogan:

Justice, even if slow, is sure.

The Institute has a strong focus on the history of alternative democratic practice. What differentiates the Institute is our understanding of the term democracy which is derived from the ancient Greek word demokratia, itself composed of the words demos and kratos – people power.

Putting political power in the hands of the people is at the centre of everything we do.

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